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The Fractal Master for I Wealth Lab – a self
contained analysis tool for trading/investing

«Easily build fractals and realize possible turnaround or trend start points.»

Fractal Master video code walkthrough. Explanation on how the code works.

«You will understand how the tool is built and will be able to use parts of it in your trade systems.»

Bill Williams Fractals trade system. Complete code provided with video explanation.

«You can build numerous systems based on this framework. Especially if you read Bill Williams. »

One extra system
ideology and tech support on coding that system.

«I will tell you one more trading idea using the FM, you code it and send it to me to for revision.»



First time I saw Bill Williams on You Tube I was astonished and very excited about trying his stuff out. I think it was the recording from about 10 or even 15 years ago. He looked very young and very encouraged on that lecture. I think I still have it on the you tube channel. Check it out its worthwhile looking through.

At that time markets were super trending. Guys trading fractals was much easier at that time. Anyway I realized that and the fact that nowadays the markets have really changed and tend to change all the time at a much faster rate.

However, I decided that fractals are a powerful tool to have a deeper look at and I designed the Fractal Master. It simply lets you see the fractals in a very clear and representative way. I like o through a tool on a chart to simply see what number of an up fractal is currently going on. For example, it might be 6-8 which is rare and that means that a pullback is coming up soon.

In this course, I also decided to walk through the code of the Fractal Master for Wealth Lab. I think it will be good practice for beginners in coding for Wealth Lab as well as its framework can provide you with quite a few trading ideas for future strategy development.

After the Fractal Master was done I thought about putting the fractal theory into algorithms. Bill Williams has quite a few books on his techniques and I have gone through them. Overall, l they provide a lot of cool tricks. Also, the profit unity video course is a more detailed explanation of the books with some interesting ideas to spot.

However, none of those ideas can be taken as rules of thumb. Well we have Wealth Lab to check Bill Williams don’t we? So, I started coding them out. Overall I tried many, tens of variations and decided that there is no point in putting out all my research.

I believe that Trade Algo should provide frameworks that people can build their own ideas on. I don’t believe in ready algorithm solutions that can suit everyone, black boxes and such. I think algo trading is about putting your style of trading, your psychological comfort into the system. That is why I only give the framework and provide ideas and directions on what to do later.

In addition to that I must mention that research results on multiple system tests are extremely difficult to publish correctly for everyone to read correctly.

The course provides a framework on how to trade fractals. I explain every single line of code and go through the structure in detail. It can be easily used to upgrade to any style of fractal idea you have after studied and understood.

Fractal are powerful. I tried the, and keep on trading them. The best thing that I found which is great about fractals is that the system keeps stable during non trend periods. The other interesting fact is that you can flip the system over and trade pullbacks going the other way on fractal break outs.

In this course, I encourage you to explore the material in detail and code your own system that I will be happy to check, give you help and technical support until you are satisfied with what you get. Overall, I hope this work will help the future algo traders all around the world. I have truly put more than simple C# code letters into it so have fun and stay in touch. Thank you for tuning in.

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