Evergreen Manifesto - Trade Algo

Evergreen Manifesto

Evergreen Manifesto

Trade Algo – a place dedicated to research of nancial market data and obtainment of statistical

information that can positively e ect investment and trading opportunities.

Main Aims

Provide users with unbiased market tools that can make their nancial experience more e ective. Trade Algo doesn’t provide ready all in one market solutions, strategies or systems.

You will not nd any black boxes on this project. We strongly recommend to be aware of the risks that all black box trading systems are equipped with. At Trade Algo, we aim to clarify these risks and educate users on how to approach algorithmic trading with a more scienti c attitude.

Algorithmic trading or quantitative trading is a life long philosophy. We do not provide “one two three” overnight courses and break through crash material that can make an individual an algo trader or a serious market analyst over a not justi ed period of time.

However we do provide modular material that one can acquire step by step in order to improve nancial market presence e ciency.

On our website you will not ever nd announcements such as: “This trading product is designed so that anyone can use it, just install, sit back, relax and it will make money for you”.

All our products, trading tools, trading systems, training material all come with detailed explanations on risks and require personal e ort to be put in in order for them to be used e ectively and produce good results.

We encourage nancial awareness and educate our users. We do not o er suspicious solutions that are targeted to convince audience with a low level of nancial literacy. We aim to provide knowledge in order to increase our subscribers potential to understand the power of our products and goals of our company at a deeper degree.

How to use the Website at 100% e ciency

Algorithmic trading is a big topic and various parts of it are covered in di erent parts of the website. You will nd a lot of material In the main blog section. Also, some very informative advice, tricks, tips and instructions videos can be view through the you tube channel player at the sidebar.

Some premium content can be accessed through the content area which turns into the my account area after the user is logged in. If you have purchased any, it will appear under my courses or my products link inside your account.

There are also free tools, videos, educational material and other content related to algorithmic trading and market research classi ed under the free tag in the content and my account area. These materials are available to every user after they have registered and can be found under the free link in my account menu. Please be aware that some of this material might not stay there forever but users are always informed about any changes that might occur to the current content.

Also, my account zone is designed to be able to provide users with request possibilities such as special coupon codes for software, web programs, discounts and custom systems design and investment opportunities. These options become available, when they are available.

Privacy Policy and E-mail List

We are de nitely not a spam building society that will alert subscribers constantly with “stupid” o ers. Creating content is a hard process in our niche and if we send something out we are sure about its value or maybe just over exited about creating something which is simply a must see.

Content is updated at di erent parts of the website so make sure you subscribe to the ones you want to see updates on. Regular subscribers will receive blog updates and product releases. Please subscribe to the you tube channel independently if you want to be on track with videos being posted there.

Premium Products

Some products must be purchased in order to be viewed or downloaded. Trade Algo guarantees their delivery and all questions that can occur due to payment problems or delivery failures due to technical issues can be resolved by e-mail admin@trade-algo.com or contact form.

Some tech products that have been released do o er support. These products support tickets can be posted at the support forum inside my account in accordance to a particular product.

Due to the nature of the products Trade Algo doesn’t o er refunds under circumstances that cannot be explained. If you would like a refund please contacts us and explain why.

Required Software

The main software that the project focuses on is Wealth Lab. We are not a part of Wealth Lab company, a branch, or some sort of sponsored promoter. This project is very satis ed and deeply respects this software and its developers because it can do amazing things. We really want to keep this point simple and straight forward.

You might also nd material on Meta Trader and other algorithmic trading and research platforms, broker terminals and charting programs.

Trading Risks

Please be aware of the trading and investment risks. Trade Algo doesn’t o er trading guarantees or investment ideas that in any way 100% assure for making pro t. We o er ways to analyze your concepts, ideas and market opportunities in order to make unbiased decisions.


All content – products, blog articles, images, videos and more have been developed or acquired by Trade Algo. If we use other author ideas or concepts we provide a link and quote their names or services. Please feel free to contact us if you feel that we have violated your rights. If we have, we don’t know about it and we will take action to regulate this issue straight upon your request.